Mega Agent Planner

The 2018 Power Planner is Ready. Pick yours up NOW and start 2018 off right. Available on Amazon and Lulu.  

Why use the Power Planner

You will realize that you do not need much else to carry around and keep you organized and on track. You will set goals, track expenses and mileage, put your daily and weekly activities in then track them all to the end of the year. Plus the training that is inolved is part of the training that we do nationally.

Oh did we mention that it also operates as a normal day planner? Basically all your business activities will go in and you will track them so you can have a full understanding of your busiess. Weeks are carried to months. Months are carried to Year End. So at the end of the year, at any moment you can see where and what your business is doing.

Accountability + Discipline = Success

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Full planner capabilities. Opens to the entire week so you can see what is happening that week. 


We set your GCI goal in the very beginning so you can create action plans and micro goals to accomplish. We add in taxes, expenses, net, savings and come out with a real GCI Goal. Then that is broken down in to actionable steps you do daily to accomplish the Big Goal.


Agents who are accountable make more money. It is simple. Our motto is Accountability + Discipline = Success. 


You need something so why not make it the best? Keep it with you at all times. Focus on your business. Simple daily entries make for a success agent.

What is More GCI?...

Who are you people?

We are a company built by successful agents to bring you real world concepts and training to help you succeed. Our goal is to decrease the failure rate of agents.

Do you offer training?

We offer training and one on one coaching. We also offer in person speaking and training. Click the button to learn more.

Does this work with other systems?

It works if you do. You have to have discipline to look at MLS every day, then make the calls. Unless you have appointments, are networking or door knocking you should be calling. Lead Generation is your #1 job!

How did you come up with the concept?

Our Founder was a mega producer and trainer in a top 5 market center. Frustrated with the same old canned training with a lack of focus on business and a lack of the Agents perspective, we designed our own.

Are You Ready for the next level? 

Get your Power Planner now and Become a Mega Agent in no time.